The Climbing Club of Oulu and UIAA
proudly present:

UIAA Ice Climbing Continental Cup 2024 and Finnish National Championships in Oulu 3.2.2024

Competitors please note: There is a threat of strike in Finland for 1st and 2nd of February that will impact or close airports. Please consult your airline company. The the strike also impact also busses and trains (friday only).

The Finice 2024 competition will be held on February 3. Finice2024 is part of the continental cup. In the competitions, you can compete in the adult and youth series, at the same time we organize the Finnish championship competitions and we also aim to organize a fun series for climbers of all levels.

In the tight one-day competition, you get to see wild performances and sensitive moments. The day starts with the qualifiers and during the afternoon and evening the top names in Finland and the world are left to show their skills and strength. The audience gets to see how many people climb to the top and how spectacular drops and flying picks are seen in these games.

At the competition site, there are heated tents, public toilets, and plenty of parking space.

Finice 2024 kilpailu järjestetään 3.2.2024 Finice2024 on osa continental cup:ia. Kilpailuissa voit kilpailla aikuisten ja nuorten sarjoissa, samalla järjestämme Suomen mestaruus kilpailut ja pyrimme järjestämään myös toppahoususarjan kaikentasoisille kiipeilijöille.

Tiiviissä yhden päivän kilpailussa pääset näkemään hurjia suorituksia ja herkkiä hetkiä. Päivä alkaa karsinnoilla ja iltapäivän ja illan kuluessa Suomen ja maailman kärkinimet ovat jäljellä näyttämässä taitonsa ja voimansa. Yleisö pääsee jännittämään, kuinka moni kiipeilee ylös asti ja kuinka näyttäviä tippumisia ja lentäviä hakkuja näissä kisoissa nähdään.

Tapahtuma on yleisölle pääsymaksuton ja kisapaikalla on ohjelmaa koko perheelle!


Friday, Feb 2nd
18.00 - 20.00Registation at Oulu Climbin Center
Saturday, Feb 3rd
08:00 - 08:30Warmup Zone and Registeration open
08:45 - 09:00Technical meeting
09:00Lead Qualification U16 R1
09:30 - 14.00 Lead Qualification U18, U20, Adults
10.15Lead Qualification U16 R2
11.00 - 15.00Outdoor flea market
14:45 - 15:00Isolation Zone Open/Close - U16, U18, U20, Adults
16.30 - 16.45Route Observation
16.45 - 19.00Lead Finals - U16, U18, U20, Adults
20.00Continental Cup Award Ceremony, Finnish Champpinships Awards Ceremony at Oulu Climbin Center

Fun Höntsä competition sunday 4th Feb at 12:00. Welcome to compete or watch how amateur are doing! Competition registration beforehand, see instructions for instructions for athletes PDF

ice screw sharpening with cnc machine by Jaakko Lehto. Competition discount 9€/screw!


UIAA Ice Climbing Continental Open - Oulu Finland
UIAA Ice Climbing Continental Youth Open - Oulu, Finland

Finals Stream

Videos from FINICE 2022 competition


Continental CUP 2024

Athlete registration is done by purchasing the Continental Cup ticket at the venue and registering to UIAA at". You'll need a vertical life account for registeration. If you don't have one, you can get it here. Read also finice 2024 instructions for athletes: instructions for athletes PDF

Registation to Finnish Championships: See our instructions in finnish sm-kisailijoiden ohjeet



What on earth is Oulu?

The City of Oulu is the capital of northern Finland. The Oulu Region has about 250,000 inhabitants. Transport connections are direct and fast, regardless of the means of transport or direction. All main roads meet in Oulu. Oulu has an international airport and there are about 15 flights to and from Helsinki each day. In addition, you can fly direct from Oulu to Riga, Tampere, Rovaniemi and Kemi-Tornio. Oulu railway station is one of the busiest in Finland. VisitOulu website provides more information about Oulu and its services, and how to get here. See also Oulu what to see and do

What kind of services there are at the competition site?

Kiosk selling hot and cold drinks and snacks
Terwa Food Truck selling burgers etc

Will there be transportation between competition site and accommodation/city centre?

This year, there will not be bus transportation between Oulu city centre and the competition site.

I'd like to climb in Oulu! What are the possibilities?

Oulu Climbing Gym (Oulun kiipeilykeskus) offers two boulder gyms and wide variety of rope action. You can also go boulderin indoors at: Kaamos Climbing Gym. Korouoma Canyon (approximately 300 km from Oulu) is the best place in Finland to climb ice and is definitely worth a visit.

In partnership with

Finice sustainability – short version

We proudly present our sustainability plan for the competition organization. It gives us tools to:

  • Evaluate each decision we make from sustainability point of view
  • Review our old practices – the way we have always done things
  • Invent new practices where they are needed
  • Develop Finice competition to even better each year
  • Educate organisers – we all learn while making the plan and doing the planned actions
Our sustainability plan consists of four fields: Ecological sustainability helps us value our actions from ecological point. For instance, we calculate our carbon footprint and aim to minimize it. we also follow the plan while making food and material purchases and set up competition infrastructure. Our competition facility – the ice climbing tower, is a permanent structure. Ecological values are considered in maintenance and ice making.

Social sustainability emphasis the values climbing as a sport and a lifestyle will teach us: co-operation, responsibility of each other and connection to nature. Also, the meaning of Finice-competition to local climbers and Finnish climbing community is written down. We support equal opportunity and created our code of conduct to follow.

Creating the cultural sustainability plan set us a target to provide the competitors feel welcome and familiarize with the Finnish and local culture. While they travel to Oulu for the competition, the trip is more memorable and fruitful to all senses if there is more than just sports.

Finally, economical sustainability plan is a tool that helps us understand the economical meaning of the competition. In any case organizing competitions has impact on local economy because competitors use money while they stay in Oulu and Finland. Also, the competition budget is notable, and we can choose where and with who we do our purchases.

Read our sustainability plan from here!


Do you have any questions?

Contact the organizers: [email protected]null.